SoccerCity SD Website

FreeStyle Investors
June 2018
Key Technologies:
HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Bootstrap, AWS, Ruby


The client wanted a refreshed website design to promote their ballot initiative for the 2018 San Diego election season. They had a design in mind and wanted to implement it using new HTML technologies and deploy it on Amazon Web Services.


The use of a static site framework (eg. Jekyll) and taking advantage CSS3 technologies aided in moving design directly into code with minimal effort. This allowed additional time to implement a responsive design which supported mulitple screen sizes.


Our fast development turnaround allowed the client to receive the deliverable within their desired timeframe, to coincide with the new marketing efforts for their election season.

Modernistik Project: SoccerCity SD Website (landing-page)
Modernistik Project: SoccerCity SD Website (team-page)