About Me

Anthony Persaud has been in the software engineering field for over twenty years solving unique and technically complex problems in the industry. He has collaborated with several start-ups and Fortune 500 companies resulting in several patents and innovations in the areas of software applications, user interface design, gesture recognition, motion capture, digital watermarking and content media delivery.

He has also built and lead software engineering teams of all sizes to deliver leading edge software products in a variety of technology stacks on multiple platforms. His primary areas of expertise are in mobile software applications, product design and development, start-ups and leading software engineering teams to success.

7 Awards

Anthony has received various awards from Fortune 500 companies, including two GEM Fellowships in Computer Engineering. His software has received acclaim by Apple App Store, The New York Times, Business Insider, and others.

10 Patents

Through successful collaborative work, Anthony has been awarded several patents in the area of media content delivery, user interfaces, gesture recognition, and wearable technologies.

4 Publications

During his graduate research work, Anthony developed techniques and solutions that were published in journals and books in the areas of digital watermarking, network security and digital forensics.


Extensive mobile full-stack developer experience with technologies including iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Platform integrations with Twilio, Stripe, Braintree, Heroku, Segment, Firebase, SendGrid, and others. Lead and managed software teams of all sizes in a variety of project deliverables and industries.


Experience in a variety of team settings, from start-ups to corporations, in multiple leadership capacities. Created new ventures and businesses with successful exits.

2022 - Present
Senior Software Engineer, Fitness+
2018 - 2022
Get Heal
VP of Engineering
2012 - 2019
Lead Software Engineer, Manager
2014 - 2016
Chief Product Officer, Lead Software Developer
2004 - 2012
Qualcomm Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
2004 - 2013
Founder, Principal Software Engineer
2003 - 2006
Iowa State University
Masters Graduate / Digital Forensics Researcher
2002 - 2003
Software Engineer
2000 - 2002
Software Engineer


Through continual work in research and development in various engineering fields, Anthony has been awarded several patents in the areas of media delivery, user interface design, wearable technology and gesture recognition.

System and Method of Contacting Devices and Creating a Communication Session
US 11,516,435 B1
System and Method of Authenticating Devices for Secure Data Exchange
US 17/342,683 (Pending)
Method and Apparatus for Remote Controlled Object Gaming with Proximity-Based Augmented Reality Enhancement
US 13/274,570
Proximity Sensor Mesh for Motion Capture
US 13/274,539
Method and Apparatus for Using Proximity Sensing for Augmented Reality Gaming
US 13/274585
Method and Apparatus for Multi-Camera Motion Capture Enhancement Using Proximity Sensors
US 13/274,517
Gesture Recognition via an Ad-Hoc Proximity Sensor Mesh for Remotely Controlling Objects
US 13/274526
Method and Apparatus of Proximity and Stunt Recording for Outdoor Gaming
US 13/274,556
Dynamic Generation, Delivery, and Execution of Interactive Applications Over a Mobile Broadcast Network
US 13/004,813
Method and System for Selecting Media Content for Broadcast Based on Viewer Preference Indications
US 12/556,466


During his graduate research, Anthony explored the areas of digital forensics, multimedia watermarking, network security and cryptography. He has been published in several journals for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) 11.9 working group.

Collusion Detection Using Multimedia Fingerprints
Advances in Digital Forensics II (Springer), Chapter 9
Stepping Stone Attack Attribution in Non-Cooperative IP Networks
Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference


Masters of Science, Computer Engineering
Iowa State University
Bachelors of Science with Honors Program, Computer Engineering
Iowa State University

Anthony received scholarships and awards from Motorola Inc., Cargill Inc, General Motors, IBM Inc., and Qualcomm Inc. He was granted a Masters Engineering GEM Fellowship in 2004 with Iowa State University and a Ph.D. Engineering GEM Fellowship with Carnegie Mellon University.


  • Anthony is a one-of-a-kind engineer, leader, and mentor that left an invaluable impact on our software engineering team. His technical expertise for designing, building, deploying, and scaling software applications is extensive and deeply rooted in academic & professional experience. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Anthony as he is a master of his craft and a highly motivating & engaging leader.

    Andrew Flores
    Software Engineer,
  • Anthony has a long-established track record of delivering robust, scalable, and extensible product features on mobile and full-stack server architectures, and takes immense pride in always delivering on time. He has an incredible internal drive to constantly improve and works immensely hard to elevate those around him to deliver the best work of their careers. Any team should consider themselves fortunate to have Anthony on board and I give him my highest recommendation.

    Mark Storch
    Lead Architect,
    Intrepid Studios Inc.
  • Anthony is a brilliant developer and an effective team leader. Building software that performs at scale is an endless puzzle, but due diligence and creativity are evident in his solutions. As head engineer at GigTown, Anthony set examples for his staff both through coding practices and willingness to teach one-on-one. He is happy to delegate responsibility when appropriate, and the culture he fosters ensures each engineer under his direction is capable of contributing to any facet of a project. His dedication to quality rubs off on those around him, and I can confidently say that Anthony's influence has been the largest catalyst for growth in my career thus far.

    Henry Spindell
    Engineering Manager,
    Humana Inc.
  • Anthony is a data-driven, enthusiastic, and competitive Technology Leader. He is a transformative leader who uniquely shapes & fosters cohesion with product, technology, sales, and operations - a rare skillset and quality that is hard to come by. What impresses me the most about Anthony is his constant ability to ship high-quality, above-expectation products and services with deadlines. He makes an art to always exceed expectations, always accounting for the variability and unknown factors that could impact a project or release. I've been hard pressed to find a leader as knowledgeable and adept as he in mobile development, enterprise software architecture, dev-ops management, product design, and operations integrations/automation - if full-stack could get fuller - that would be Anthony.

    James Labastida
    VP Growth Operations,
    GoSite Inc.
  • I had the pleasure of working for Anthony and his team at Modernistik on several projects. His talent and hard work is really inspiring to be around. He is very innovative and capable of taking on and delivering on any project. He knows how to approach every task the smart way and keep the team focused and motivated on the task at hand. I would highly recommend Anthony and the team at Modernisitk for any project. Truly an amazing software development team!

    Karim Balaa
    Head of Design,
    Tari Labs
  • Anthony is very motivated full-stack software developer and designer who drives the project to nothing else but success. I have had a pleasure to work with him on multiple projects back at Qualcomm MediaFLO and recently at GigTown where I worked with him on different mobile and web applications (front-end and back-end). His zeal to learn and adapt new technologies is commendable.

    Sachin Shah
    Sr Android Developer,
  • Anthony has a brilliant mind and strong leadership capabilities. He is a master at optimizing software integration to maximize the efficiencies of commerce. A true innovator for our time and is a valuable asset for any project or company.

    Bill Bear
    Director Regional Sales,
  • Anthony takes immense pride in his craft and never settles for anything less than excellence. His sleek, professional design and development of the GigTown's mobile apps and website led us from simply an idea to a company ready to disrupt the music industry. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and Anthony (Modernistik) are where I point anyone looking for top-quality software development solutions.

    Travis Golia
    Software Engineer,
    Best Buy Health
  • Anthony is an extremely innovative full-stack software developer and designer capable of taking on any project. His attention to detail and collaborative team-spirit led the development team at GigTown in creating a beautiful mobile application and web application (full-stack). He thrives to be the best and encourages everyone else around him to do the same. I would recommend Anthony & the Modernistik team to anyone looking for top-notch full-stack developers. They are definitely some of the best around!

    Brendan Guiney
    Marketing and Business Operations Analyst,
  • A true entrepreneur in San Diego is a rare find. Anthony is one of the few people I know in San Diego who has grown his company while also living and embodying its mission to the fullest. Anthony understands his market well and knows how to deliver on their needs.

    Jordanna Eyre
    Founder and CEO,
    Emerge Art Center



San Diego, California, USA


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