Nadis Engage

Nadis Technologies
June 2018
Key Technologies:
Google Cloud, Firebase, Hyperdrive, Swift, NodeJS, MongoDB, Twilio


Nadis wanted to modernize cannabis dispensary marketing efforts. The task was to help design and develop a platform that would allow local customer singups and gather daily purchase transactions to improve customer engagement for each dispensary. Nadis platform would automate the marketing campaign to drive efficient sales growth for each retail location.


By utilizing battle-tested solutions, such as Modernistik Hyperdrive, we were able to build an iPad application to capture customer purchase data at each dispensary location. This data would then be aggregated by the platform, analyzed by Nadis, in order to send SMS notifications to relevant customers.


The platform was immediately successful, driving increased average monthly sales by 20% for participating dispensaries. Nadis Technologies used these case studies to better showcase their premium subscription services to new dispensaries to grow their client base.