Heal Telehealth and House Calls

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Feb 2019 - 2021
Key Technologies:
Swift, Kotlin, Ruby, MongoDB, REDIS, Twilio
Modernistik Project: Heal Telehealth and House Calls

The Roadmap

Transforming the $1 Trillion US Primary Care Market.

Heal House-Call

Heal brings technology innovation to re-humanize the practice of medicine in a way that is fulfilling for doctors and patients alike. To improve this dynamic, Heal developed a flagship consumer application for patients and mobile iPad application for healthcare providers. This allows Heal to conviently provide doctor house-call services for patients in different environments and locations. The applications are coupled with Heal's artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to improve patient health outcomes through proactive personalized care. The goal is to have users spend less time getting well, and more time being well.

To expand the modalities of care in 2019, Heal requested to build a mobile-first HIPAA compliant video telemedicine solution that would allow any patient to talk to a provider. Given the variety of patient demographics, it was critical that it worked as easy as possible and was accessible in all recent platforms. The goal was to make it as simple as receiving a regular phone call on your mobile device.

Heal iOS Video Telemedicine
Heal Telemedicine Concept

The Result

Awards Winning Universal One-Touch Telemedicine.

Heal Video Telemedicine iOS and Android

The new telemedicine service instantly became a key flagship feature for the company, allowing the company to expand to new markets to provide services to over 75 million patients. Heal was perfectly positioned with the new service in 2020, as they had an increase of 8000% in video telemedicine appointments as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The deadly pandemic brought many challenges in 2020, specifically in the healthcare industry. COVID-19 tested the limits of legacy healthcare systems, accelerating the digital transformation of these services. Patients who needed care during state lockdowns or avoided visits to physical medical offices switched to using Heal for their needs. Heal was prepared for this scenario as it lead providing healthcare services through house-calls, remote monitoring, video telemedicine, and teletherapy encounters. The expansion of Heal's video telemedicine solution helped Heal's business to increase by 800% since the pandemic began. Heal's telemedicine platform reduced the strain on major hospitals and urgent care centers, allowing non-COVID patients to seek medical care from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Awards and Recognition

The high patient satisfaction scores of Heal's video telemedicine and house-call solutions garnered the praise of major companies such as Apple Inc, which recommended Heal as the AppStore App of the Day, and was promoted in several key articles: The Doctor is In and Connect with a Telehealth Provider. In 2020, Heal placed #13 as a key start-up innovator in CNBC Disruptor 50 list.

$100 million investment by Humana

The showcase of Heal's new technology and innovations helped raise Heal's visibility as a leader in the healthcare technology space. In July 2020, several new investors became interested in partnering with Heal. One of these partnerships included a $100 million investment by Humana which allowed the two companies to deliver primary care services to Humana members, many of whom are older or living with multiple chronic conditions, in the comfort of their own home.

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