GigTown Website

GigTown LLC.
November 2016
Key Technologies:
Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Javascript, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Braintree


With an already successful GigTown mobile application for booking music, GigTown’s next venture was to provide their customers with the same popular features on the web. The new website would include their flagship feature, “Post-A-Gig”, allowing customers and venues increased versatility for booking artists. For music fans seeking live shows, they would enter the website through a unique landing page that showcases local artistic talent based on their location.


After reviewing the mobile analytics sources, we outlined the top sections and features used in the GigTown mobile applications for organizing a web product. We streamlined the user experience to focus on the discovery and booking experience, taking advantage of of the additional screen real estate and web technologies afforded by desktop browser windows.


The product allowed GigTown to increase monthly recurring booking revenue by making their services available via web. The expanded presence on the web allowed GigTown to access new customers and reduce onboarding costs. Having the web application share the same backend APIs as the mobile application allowed the user experience and data to be in sync at all times. You can view the website at

GigTown Website Promo.

You can view the promo video that was filmed which showcases some of the web application user experience.

Modernistik Project: GigTown Website Promo Video