FontFox Game

Design Agent LLC.
July 2013
Key Technologies:
Swift, Objective-C, Core Data, Game Center
Modernistik Project: FontFox Game

The Concept

Create a fun typography card game.

Design Agent was excited to develop a typography themed card game - users would be presented a target typeface, and would attempt to accurately identify the typeface name amid several choices. The game would score the user based on time, accuracy and level of difficulty, presenting the user’s end scores in an infographic that could be shared on different social media platforms. In addition, they wanted to add an educational reference section where users could learn about the anatomy of a typeface.

Modernistik Project: FontFox Game Concept

The Result

Beautiful animated swipe interaction for entertaining gameplay.

The application utilized key animation features to bring delight when playing the game and showcase progression as users learned new fonts through the game interaction.

When a player finished a playthrough, they would also be shown an infographic card on their current playthrough performance. The rendered score infographic at the end of each game gave "data junkie" users a high incentive to share the snapshot and continue to engage with the game.

To improve delight, users could earn fun (pop-culture) achievements through integration with Apple's GameCenter. For the more competitive of typography players, we also provided a Score Leaderboard to allow people to see how well they are doing against other players.

Modernistik Project: FontFox Game Demo
Modernistik Project: FontFox Game (intro)
Modernistik Project: FontFox Game (settings)
Modernistik Project: FontFox Game (card)
Modernistik Project: FontFox Game (scorecard)

FontFox Video Promo

In addition to launching the game, we helped with the development of the promotional video that was used to advertise the game on social media channels. This video narrates the story of users playing the game, while highlighting some of its key features.

Modernistik Project: FontFox Game Promo Video